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Millionaire Shares His Money-Making Formula


Watch this video to learn how he:

  • Finds a Niche
  • Creates an automated income stream
  • Collects names and builds his list
  • Turns focus into income
  • Uses auto-responders
  • Sets up a squeeze page
  • Creates his own products

“It was just $10, my first sale, but then it grew to millions of dollars,” says Ewen Chia, a multi-millionaire ClickBank affiliate and vendor based in Singapore.

“The amazing thing about the Internet business,” he adds, “it’s an open marketplace for everyone, no matter where you are in the world… as long as you can access the Internet, you can become successful.”

Ewen credits much of his online success, and those of his customers, to what he calls the “PPP formula, which stands for People, Product and Promote” he adds. You can begin your Internet business in different ways—either by finding a problem you want to solve, or by finding people. “Traditionally we call it looking for the niche” he says. Niches are essentially “groups of people who are interested in a common topic,” Ewen explains.

It’s a formula Ewen discovered the hard way. “I failed to build a mailing list when I first started out, way back in 1997,” he confesses. “I didn’t recognize the potential of the mailing list. When I started getting a list of interested prospects and subscribers, that’s when my income skyrocketed.”

Ewen also gives props to ClickBank, which has been an important factor in his success. A sales and marketing professional by trade, Ewen is quite clear about his relationship with technology. “I’m a technical idiot,” he says. “I’m not a techie, I’m not a geek,” he emphasizes. “I’m a marketer.”

“ClickBank allowed me to run an affiliate program without hassle. I don’t have to think about paying affiliates because ClickBank does the calculation and the payment… the only thing that I learned was how to add the product into my ClickBank account, which took less than a day,” he adds. “I will continue to use ClickBank going forward… ClickBank is reliable, it’s reputable, it pays on time, like clockwork… It really makes the business easy. It takes the headaches—any technical burdens—away from me” he says.

Ewen’s advice for new and aspiring affiliates is surprising, bordering on unconventional in the distraction-laden world of Internet marketing. “If you don’t use focus in what you do,” he says, “you’re going to get diluted efforts. You’re not going to get a lot of results. Don’t do ten things at one time. Focus on one thing, and one product, one promotion, and just get successful first. Have a little bit of patience.”

“When I first started out in 1997,” he elaborates, “I was just like anyone, a newbie, and I wasn’t sure if this was going to work. I had a lot of ups and downs—and mostly downs in the beginning—but I stuck through it and you know, it has given me a great lifestyle. Obviously you can make a lot of money on the Internet, and with the money comes freedom,” he adds. With freedom came important choices, he says. “I could quit my day job finally and focus on what I love doing.”

“Money in itself doesn’t really give you anything,” Ewen says, adding, “it gives you the freedom and that’s the most important!”

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