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Cancer Survivor Makes $1.8 Million a Year


Watch this video to learn how she:

  • Creates a community
  • Profits from a membership site
  • Creates an automated monthly income stream
  • Turns members into her marketing team
  • Collects names and builds her list
  • Uses auto-responders
  • Automates Income
  • Sets up a squeeze page
  • Gives away a high quality product in exchange for names and emails

Cindy’s story:
Four-and-a-half years ago, at the age of 29, Cindy Battye was diagnosed with breast cancer and forced to undergo surgery and a course of chemo therapy that would interrupt her training to become a school teacher. She could have shut down mentally and emotionally, but instead Battye sought out a new project to keep herself engaged. That project became a multimillion dollar website traffic exchange and later a ClickBank application that offers easy email list building strategies for network affiliates.

“It’s not normal for [cancer patients] to go create a website. I needed something I could control. Something about the challenge of creating a website did that,” explained Battye.

And so TrafficBunnies.com was born. The website traffic exchange community enables users to display their own websites and earn reward credits for viewing others. The more sites viewed, the more credits earned. That guarantees participating sites will receive traffic.

Trafficbunnies was her first entry into membership marketing and list building, creating free services and then offering low priced upgraded services.  Using the membership site model, and then combining it with ClickBank, she now has multiple websites, a subscriber base of over 280,000 members, with an annual revenue of close to $1.8 million this year.

In the process of growing TrafficBunnies.com, Battye learned that her most important income was not necessarily financial revenue, but her subscriber lists.

“I realized that having a membership site gives you the opportunity to have a list. You can collect someone’s name and email in exchange for a service. Once you start collecting names, you can market to those people over and over,” Battye explained.

Her list-building strategy was an obvious answer for many online network affiliates, so Battye and partner Soren Jordansen launched ClickBankPirate.com, a turnkey application that sets up registration squeeze pages other email list building strategies for ClickBank users. The goal is to make the process of email list building painless.

“We’re making ClickBank marketing really accessible for pretty much anyone,” Battye said.

If the strategies behind ClickBankPirates.com work as well for users as they did for Battye, network affiliates may find themselves experiencing sweet success. Nearly five years after her cancer diagnosis, Battye – a native Australian – lives in Cyprus and says her biggest personal challenge is managing her hectic schedule. After all, traveling between presentations in the Caribbean and Europe can be quite a challenge.

Learn more about Battye’s email list building strategies, and her marketing tricks and tips by watching the video of the ultimate ClickBank pirate.

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