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6 Ways to Monetize a Blog

While some blogs publish to disseminate information, others intend to create that
loyal following marketers crave. Your blog should provide some type of
value to your readers. If you supply value, you ought to make money from the
value you supply. Here are some ideas for making that happen:

1. Google AdSense. Placing relevant ads on your blog through Google
AdSense is often the easiest way to generate income. Generally speaking, those
interested in your blog content will also be interested in relevant advertisements.
Since Google pays for clicks on these ads, the cost to you is nothing. A wellplaced,
relevant Google AdSense program on your blog will generate income
and profit with very little extra effort on your part as long as you have good
traffic to the site. More traffic typically means more income.

2. Donations. Those who visit your blog regularly probably like what you have
to say and value what your blog provides. Many are happy to support your efforts
some through monetary donations. Give visitors a way to express their appreciation
through voluntary contributions; this can result in income for your blog.

3. Affiliate programs. Advertising and promoting other people’s products,
and earning a commission on the sale of these products, is the basis of the
many affiliate programs on the Internet. Chances are, you can find an affiliate
(pay-per-purchase) program relevant to your blog’s subject or your area of
expertise. Placing ads on your blog for affiliate products can earn you significant

4. Selling your own products and services (including subscription
A blog is a great place to market your own products and services.
Instead of earning an affiliate’s commission, you can earn a full profit margin
from the sale of one of your own products. Your products might include books,
CDs, eBooks, subscriptions to newsletters or services like consulting, coaching
or teleseminars.

5. Selling advertisements to others. Depending on the number of readers
or site visitors, you may have the right target audience for other advertisers. If
you avoid conflicts of interest between the products you sell and advertisers,
charging others to advertise on your blog site is an excellent source of income.
The more traffic you have, the more attractive you are to advertisers, which
justifies higher prices for ad placements. Don’t overload your blog with
advertisements; instead, place them strategically throughout your site.

6. Selling or renting your database of blog followers. Mailing and e-mail
lists have value. Selling or renting your database of readers who follow and
contribute to your blog is a source of revenue. Remember, though, that your
blog’s followers may prefer you keep their names private; disclosing your policy
right on your blog page or offering an opt-in option is always good practice.

Multiple streams of income. You can always pursue more than one
money-making strategy. Creating multiple streams of income is just smart in
any business venture. Broadening your income base also broadens your appeal
to your audience and increases your opportunities to generate more income.
Diversity on your income stream is also smart so that if one income stream goes
away, you will have others to keep the ball rolling.

Also, don’t forget that many people access blogs through what is
known as a “blog aggregator” in which only the headline of the
blog shows up when the user is surfing the Internet for relevant
information. So, be creative and smart about your headlines.

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